How to choose the cooling fan?

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As we all know, the function of heat dissipation fan is very critical, especially in the high temperature environment such as summer, it is difficult to withstand high temperature. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to choose an efficient heat dissipation fan. However, with the increasing demand for heat dissipation fans, more and more manufacturers are producing a variety of heat dissipation fans, so do you know how to select heat dissipation fans? From the previous section, we know what types of heat dissipation fans are. Today, Xiaobian will introduce how to select heat dissipation fans for you.

Selection of cooling fans:

1. In the selection of heat dissipation fans, people often compare the air pressure and volume, and the air pressure and volume for normal ventilation. It is necessary to overcome the resistance of heat dissipation fans during the ventilation journey. The heat dissipation fans must produce pressure to overcome the resistance of supply fans, that is, the wind pressure. Wind pressure mainly depends on the shape, area, height and speed of fan blades. The faster the speed, the larger the fan blades. The larger the wind pressure is, the better the wind pressure of the fan can be maintained by the heat sink designed by the duct.

2. When choosing the heat dissipation fan, we should know that the more vertical the fan blade is, the larger the wind section is, the larger the air flow and the larger the wind shear noise will be. Choosing the straight fan blade, the less wind and less wind, let alone heat dissipation. And the number of fan blades and the design of fan blades will also have a great impact on air volume and wind pressure. The design of cooling fan blade has obvious influence on the performance of a fan. At the same speed, the products with excellent fan blade design can provide greater air pressure and air volume, thus bringing better heat dissipation effect.

3. The total volume of air delivered or absorbed by the cooling fan per minute. In the case of the same material of the radiator fins, the air volume is the most important index to measure the cooling capacity of the air-cooled radiator. That is to say, the larger the fan is, the larger the air volume is, so the larger the air volume can take away more heat in a unit time. If the air volume is compared to the power of a weapon, then the wind pressure is the sharpness of the weapon. Other conditions remain unchanged. The actual air volume plays a decisive role in the cooling fan effect.

4. In design, besides the general design mentioned above, some cooling fans adopt some special designs to better meet the needs of users through the application of updated technology and technology. In the dust-proof of of heat dissipation fans, long-term use of air flow through all parts will be covered with a thick layer of dust, resulting in poor air flow. Increase the weight of the blades, reduce speed or increase the load of the motor, and even cause fan damage.

The method of selecting heat dissipation fans is outlined today. In addition, we need to understand that if the heat dissipation fans want to have strong performance, they need to be properly handled in all details in order to give full play to their best performance. The wind pressure of the cooling fan with large air volume will be sacrificed. When the wind pressure is high, the air volume will decrease. There is no inevitable relationship between the speed of the heat dissipation fan and the heat dissipation capacity.