Application of cooling fan in medical equipment

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With the development of the times, more and more electronic devices have been applied to medical devices. This makes these electronic devices more demanding and more stringent on the environment. Temperature is one of the most important factors. Temperature has a great influence on any electronic equipment. At high temperature, almost all parts of the instrument and equipment are affected. Therefore, a good medical cooling fan is very important for ventilation and heat dissipation of medical equipment.

During the normal use of medical equipment in our daily life, due to the role of electric current, the internal temperature of medical equipment will rise to varying degrees. If the temperature is beyond the safe range under normal conditions, install a cooling fan or cooling device to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the use process, that is to protect the service life of the equipment itself, and improve the safety of the equipment. We can often see in the movies that when the electronic equipment is used in excess of the load, it will burn or even explode, so there is no doubt that the role of the cooling fan on the electronic equipment and instruments. Therefore, in the maintenance and maintenance of medical equipment, the situation of heat dissipation equipment should also be checked, so as to avoid the malfunction of circuit components caused by the abnormal work of heat dissipation equipment.

With the continuous development of electronic assembly technology, the volume of electronic equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, and the system is also complicated. High heat density has become an irresistible trend of development. In order to adapt to the development of the times, heat dissipation fans are constantly innovating, and new heat dissipation methods are emerging in endlessly in line with the pace of the times. From imaging equipment to surgical equipment, the powerful medical equipment in the 21st century is impressive, which is also largely due to the improvement of the computing power of microprocessors. However, for thermal engineers, these advances have also paid the same price. With the increasing power of the equipment, the shape of the equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, which also makes our cooling fan work in a smaller and smaller space with the increasing power, which is also the problem we will face.