Components of the cooling fan

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The application scope of heat dissipation fan is very wide, and there are many kinds of relative heat dissipation fan, but its composition structure is much the same, mainly composed of rotor, stator, motor and outer frame. Believe that there are still many people do not understand, the following technicians for you to introduce in detail the components of the cooling fan.

1. Rotor part: The rotor part of heat dissipation fan is composed of fan blade, axis, rotor magnetic ring, outer frame of magnetic ring, etc. Among them, the fan blade is used to create air flow; the axis is used to support balancing the rotation of the fan blade; the function of the rotor magnetic ring is the key to promote the switching speed of the magnetic stage; the outer frame of the magnetic ring is used to fix the magnetic ring.

2, stator part: the stator part of the cooling fan includes bearing, supporting spring, retaining ring and so on. The role of bearings is high speed, reduce friction, ensure that fans can run for a long time. The supporting spring is used to separate the bearing from balancing the axle center, and the retaining ring is used for fixing and rotating the whole part. The outer frame plays a supporting and diversion role.

3. Motor part: The motor part of heat dissipation fan includes: circuit board, control energy consumption and signal access; silicon steel sheet (stator magnet, winding coil attached) generates magnetic level advance switching; silicon steel sheet upper and lower cover, used for fixing and insulation.

4, framed part: the outer part of the cooling fan is mainly supported and diversion.

The above content is about the introduction of the components of the cooling fan. Heat dissipation fans can be developed and manufactured according to different use environments, and meet the requirements of users to the greatest extent. They are indispensable auxiliary equipment in many industries.